Monday, March 21, 1994

U.S. Middle East peace talks coordinator Dennis Ross arrives in Tunis for 2 mtgs. with PLO Chmn. Arafat. Ross joins Norwegian Dep. FM Terje Rod Larsen and Israeli delegation seeking Israel-PLO agreement on security for Palestinians in o.t. Palestinian officialsay they are "refining" Norwegian proposal on security force. U.S. role in talks is described as marginal. (MM 3/21; NYT 3/22)

IDF Brig. Gen. Moshe Yaalon, West Bank cmdr. 1992-93, tells commission of inquiry into Hebron massacre of "absolute prohibition" on using live ammunition against settlers. Israeli press reports that PM Rabin told Israeli cabinet 3/20 that commission's hearings were causing "incalculable" damage to Israel's reputation. (NYT 3/22)

Settler bus ambushed nr. Ateret, 14 mi. north of Jerusalem, in apparent revenge attack for Hebron massacre. 1 Israeli killed and at least 1 wounded. (NYT 3/22)

Hizballah ambush kills 2 IDF soldiers, roadside bombs kill 2 SLA mbrs. Israeli shelling kills 12-yr.-old schoolgirl in Nabatiya, wounds 22 others. (MM 3/21)

Al-Safir reports arrests of 5 suspects in 2/27 church bombing in Zuq Mika'il, Lebanon. Suspects, including 1 monk, are reportedly affiliated with Lebanese Forces (LF) and "Guardians of the Cedar" factions, had sought refuge in Israeli-controlled "security zone." (MM 3/21)