Tuesday, March 22, 1994

Israeli commission of inquiry into Hebron massacre hears testimony fr. 12 Palestinian witnesses. Hebron waqf officials continue to boycott hearings. (NYT, WP, WT 3/23)

34-yr.-old pregnant Palestinian woman killed by IDF besieging house in Hebron occupied by Hamas militants. Elsewhere in o.t., 2 UNRWA officials detained by Israelis at Nur Shams r.c. nr. Tulkarm, 6 Palestinian children wounded by IDF in stone-throwing clashes in Nablus, and 2 Israelis stabbed by Palestinians in Gaza Strip. (MM, NYT 3/23)

4 Golan Druze, mbrs. of "Young Nationalist Group," arrested for campaigning to expose collaborators with Israeli authorities. (WJW 3/24)

AG Janet Reno sends recommendation to Pres. Clinton on clemency for convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. Reportedly, Justice Dept., Defense Dept., CIA unanimously against leniency for Pollard. (NYT 3/23)