Sunday, November 28, 1993

PLO Chmn. Arafat, in Helsinki, says success of DoP depends on Israel meeting 12/13 deadline for withdrawal fr. Gaza, Jericho. Israeli PM Rabin responds that "It wouldn't be so terrible if the withdrawal were delayed by two weeks," while FM Peres, on 1st visit by an Israeli minister to Albania, says "we can still be on time." (MM, WT 11/29)

Palestinian negotiator Ziyad Abu Zayyad suspends his participation in talks with Israelis on confidence-building measures in protest of Israeli position on prisoner release. (MM 11/29)

IDF undercover unit in Gaza kills Fateh Hawks mbrs. Ahmad Abu al-Rish, 23, and Farid Imtair, 21, in gunfight. Al-Rish had been granted amnesty earlier in the week and taken off IDF wanted list. (MM, NYT 11/29)

Israeli peace activist Abie Nathan scuttles M V Peace, the base for his pirate "Voice of Peace" radio station, which ceased broadcasting 10/1. (MM 11/29)