Tuesday, November 30, 1993

IDF kills 1 Palestinian, wounds 80 in clashes in Gaza, worst violence since DoP signed 9/13. IDF cmdr. in Gaza Maj. Gen. Matan Vilnai meets 5 Fateh leaders to discuss cease-fire. Fateh sources say Vilnai agreed to end IDF searches for PLO militants, but IDF sources say only that Israel will reduce troop levels and ease some restrictions. Jacques Neriah, aide to PM Rabin, flies to Tunis for talks with PLO Chmn. Arafat. Arafat provides Neriah with i.d. tag of IDF soldier missing during 1982 war in Lebanon. (MM 11/30, 12/1; NYT, WP, WT 12/1)

Jordanian and Israeli officials meet in Washington for talks on economic cooperation. Working group also includes U.S., hosted by special coordinator Dennis Ross. (MM 11/30, 12/1)

VP Al Gore announces formation of "Builders for Peace," a task force to coordinate U.S. private investment in o.t. Group's co-presidents are James Zogby of Arab American Institute and frmr. U.S. Rep. Mel Levine. (WP 12/1)

U.S. and Russia introduce UNGA resolution drafted by Israel and PLO supporting DoP, Israel-Jordan common agenda. (MM 12/1)

U.S. Undersecy. of Defense Frank Wisner arrives in Jordan fr. Israel to discuss joint security cooperation. Tour also includes Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Gulf states. (MM 11/30)

CIA Director Adm. James Woolsey, appearing on CNN's "Larry King Live," acknowledges that "Israel is generally regarded as having some kind of nuclear capability" in 1st public U.S. recognition of Israeli nuclear weapons. (MM 12/1)

$7 m. wind turbine farm to supply electricity to Israel opened on Golan Heights. (MM 12/1)