Monday, January 17, 1994

Israeli govt. welcomes Syrian Pres. al-Asad's remarks in Geneva, FM Peres saying "there is a feeling of a more promising air" after Clinton-al-Asad summit. Dep. DM Mordechai Gur tells Knesset Rabin govt. would seek referendum on territorial compromise on Golan Heights. (MM 1/17; NYT, WP 1/18)

U.S. official Dennis Ross meets Palestinian figures at Orient House in East Jerusalem to discuss Clinton-al-Asad summit. (Algiers VOP 1/18 in FBIS 1/19)

Secy. of Commerce Brown arrives in Amman for talks with Crown Prince Hassan, PM al-Majali, other Jordanian officials. (RJ 1/17 in FBIS 1/17; MM 1/18)

Fateh slate wins Gaza Strip Palestine Trade Union Federation election. (Davar 1/18 in FBIS 1/19)