Monday, August 2, 1993

Secy. of State Christopher begins mission to revive Arab-Israeli talks with meeting in Alexandria with Egyptian Pres. Mubarak, stating "the situation in Lebanon, perhaps paradoxically, has given a new burst of energy to the negotiations." (NYT 8/3)

PLO Chm. Arafat meets Egyptian Pres. Mubarak after latter's talks with Secy. of State Christopher. (MENA 8/2 in FBIS 8/3)

Palestinian hijacks UNRWA bus in Gaza Strip, killing Israeli civilian employee of military government. (NYT 8/3)

Poll of Palestinians in o.t. conducted by Jerusalem Media and Communications Centre in conjunction with CNN and Dutch TV finds 51.7% oppose Palestinian-Jordanian confederation, 55.9% oppose continuation of peace talks on the Madrid formula, 50.1% support Palestinian withdrawal from talks, 87.7% believe PLO needs democratic reform, 32.9% support dividing Jerusalem, and 50.9% trust leadership of "national movements," as against 24.1% for "Islamic movements." Poll has margin of error of +3%, confidence level of 95%. (JMCC poll) Responding in part to complaints by Palestinian members of the Orthodox Church that the Patriarchate has been passing land to the Israeli government, Ecumenical Council of Orthodox Churches decides to boycott Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Diodoros I. (al-Fajr 8/16)

Lebanese govt. orders army to prepare for redeployment in south. UN Secy.-Gen. Butrus-Ghalinforms Lebanese PM Rafiq Hariri of UN approval of move. (WP, WT 8/3)