Thursday, October 22, 1992

Arab delegations to peace talks hold coordination meeting at Palestinian HQ in Washington. (JTV 10/22, SARA 10/23 in FBIS 10/23)

Israeli-Jordanian negotiations on agenda for talks hit "serious obstacle" over Jordanian demand to include discussion of Israeli "occupied Jordanian land" - a small tract in the 'Arava region, 30 km south of the Dead Sea, near Israeli town of Hazeva. (Qol Yisra'el 10/23 in FBIS 10/23)

Lebanese billionaire Rafiq al-Hariris appointed PM by Pres. Ilyas al-Hirawi, with support from at least 90 of 128 MPs, the opposition composed mostly of new Shiite members. The new PM met with Syrian Pres. Asad in Damascus on 10/21. (VOL, AFP 10/22; WP 10/23)