Wednesday, October 28, 1992

Israel and Jordan agree on draft agenda for negotiations with a formal peace treaty as the eventual goal, within the framework of a comprehensive Arab-Israeli settlement. This first mutual written agreement between Israel and the Arab side includes discussion of the Jordanian territorial demand, and construction of the "Red-Dead canal" between the two seas (see 10/22). (Jordan Times 10/29 in FBIS 10/29; WT 10/30; Educational TV [Israel], ITV 11/1 in FBIS 11/2; NYT 10/29, 11/2)

SHAS withdraws demand for Ed. Min. Shulamit Aloni's ouster, calling instead for her apology and pledge to abstain from religious exhortation, as well as expanded powers for its own dep. ed. min. MAPAM demands 4th cabinet portfolio for Meretz coalition, of which it is a part, calls for no capitulation to SHAS demands. (IDF Radio, Qol Yisra'el 10/28 in FBIS 10/29)

Israeli district court orders govt. to pay $62,000 in damages to family of unarmed Palestinian killed in 1988 by undercover IDF unit, $20,000 to family of Palestinian wounded in same incident. Precedent-setting ruling "basically" rejected Shin Bet claim that soldiers were on a military operation, an act of state with no liability. (WT 11/6; al-Fajr 11/9)

Knesset comm. decides not to revoke the parliamentary immunity ofMKs Naomi Chazan (Meretz), 'Abd al-Wahhab Darawsha and Taleb al-Sana (Arab Democratic Party), and Hashem Mahamid (HADASH) for meeting with top PLO officials recently, by vote of 8 to 6. (IDF Radio 10/28 in FBIS 10/29; WP 10/29)

"Tens of thousands" of Palestinians in Syria and Jordan demonstrate against the peace talks (see 10/26). (QPAR 10/28 in FBIS 10/29, 10/30)

King Hassan of Morocco meets with King Hussein in Amman. (MM 10/29)

Lebanese UN rep. lodges complain to UNSC over recent Israeli attacks, calls for implementation of UNSC Res. 425. (Radio Lebanon 10/29 in FBIS 10/29)