Sunday, May 24, 1992

Gunbattle in Gaza City leaves 3 Palestinians, 1 Border Guard dead; a second Israelis wounded. IDF imposes 3-day travel ban on Gaza. Curfew clamped on Nusayrat, Maghazi refugee camps and Sabra, Shaykh Radwan neighborhoods of Gaza City. Palestinian from Gaza later stabs, kills Jewish girl in Bat Yam, near Tel Aviv, triggering anti-Arab riot by Jewish residents. PM Shamir states assailant should have been killed at the scene. (ITV 5/24 in FBIS 5/26; WP 5/25, 5/28; MM 5/26)

In statement published in Egyptian press, Yemeni official asserts Yemeni Jews are free to travel anywhere but Israel (Housing Min. Ariel Sharon stated 5/19 that Israel is trying to arrange for emigration of remaining Jews in Yemen to Israel). (MENA 5/24 in FBIS 5/27)

Syria reinforces troop concentrations in Biqa' Valley following 5/21 Israeli attack on Hizballah position near Lebanese-Syrian border. (Arab Republic of Egypt Radio 5/24 in FBIS 5/24; WP 5/26)