Monday, March 9, 1992

Former PM Menahem Begin dies in Tel Aviv. (WP 3/9)

Nayif Hawatima, head of one faction using the name DFLP, states in interview published in German press that he favors opening an "immediate dialogue" with Yitzhak Rabin and the Labor party. (Berliner Zeitung 3/9 in FBIS 3/18)

N. Korean ship which U.S. officials thought might be transporting ballistic missiles (Scud-1D missiles, also called Scud-C) from N. Korea to Syria and Iran docks at Bandar 'Abbas, Iran, after eluding U.S. naval search for the vessel [U.S. Defense Dept. officials state navy had been searching for the ship after receiving Israeli intelligence reports]. Incident is most recent example of growing Western readiness to intercept arms shipments to Syria, Iran. In October 1991, another N. Korean ship carrying equipment for Scud missiles turned back before reaching Syriafter Israel indicated it might stop it [see also 1/29 and 2/3]. (NYT, WP 3/11)

Lebanese police issue first official casualty report from Lebanese civil war. Report states 144,240 died and 197,506 were wounded during fighting from 1975-90. An additional 17,415 are missing and presumed dead, including 13,968 kidnapped by various militias. The figures did not include an additional 6,630 Palestinians killed and 8,000 wounded in related conflicts. (NYT, MM 3/10)

Palestinian youth killed in 'Asirat al-Qibliyya near Nablus. Palestinians claim he was shot by a settler and not by IDF. A second youth killed by soldiers during clash in 'Arrub refugee camp near Hebron. (MM 3/10)