Thursday, May 7, 1992

PLO Central Council begins meeting in Tunis. Faisal Husseini, Hanan Ashrawi secretly address meeting. (Jordan Times 5/10 in FBIS 5/11)

Emile Habibi receives prestigious Israel Prize for Literature from Pres. Herzog, PM Shamir [see 3/17]. Tehiya party leader Yuval Ne'em'an disrupts ceremony by rising from the audience and announcing he was returning the Israel Prize awarded to him 23 years ago to protest awarding of prize to Habibi, whom he described as anti-Israeli. [Habibi had been urged by many Palestinian writers in Israel, o.t., and abroad to refuse the award. He stated that he decided to accept it, however, to pay tribute to achievements made by Palestinian population of Israel]. (MM 5/8)

Undercover unit shoots, injures Palestinian youth in Sa'ir near Hebron. Second Palestinian tries to drive youth to a hospital but is chased by the troops, who open fire on his car, killing him. (MM 5/8)