Wednesday, November 20, 1991

Israeli police investigatory board determines police acted properly upon a report that armed men were present in building housing the Islamic court of E. Jerusalem, other offices shortly before police forces raided the site. Report also claims no documents were taken in 11/18 action. (MM 11/21)

EC announces appointment of its first representative to o.t., to be based in Brussels under terms of compromise recently reached between EC, Israel. EC sought to place delegate in the o.t.; Israel objected, fearing this would imply that the o.t. constitutes adiplomatic entity, and sought to attach the representative to EC mission in Tel Aviv. (MM 11/21)

Hizballah leader 'Abbas Musawi states that fate of Western hostages is separate from that of Arab prisoners held by Israel. (MM 11/20; NYT 11/21)

Girl is killed, five others wounded as SLA blows up two houses of suspected Hizballah guerrillas in Majd al-Sahm, S. Lebanon. Raid comes in midst of increased tension in S. Lebanon. (MM 11/20)