Thursday, November 21, 1991

In Washington, PM Shamir discusses upcoming bilateral peace talks with Secy. of State Baker, expresses reservations about holding talks in Washington. Israel continues to push for holding talks in the Middle Est. (LAT 11/22)

Labor party adopts new party platform at its convention, dropping opposition to negotiations with PLO [see 11/19]. Platform also calls for one-year freeze on settlement building, recognizes Palestinian "national rights." But document states that Labor opposes creation of an independent Palestinian state, affirms that party does not oppose expansion of existing settlements. (MM 11/12; NYT 11/22)

Shamir, referring to creation of a Palestinian state, tells annual gathering of Council of Jewish Federations in Baltimore that there is "no room for two states in such a small area." Poll of Council members indicates 85% disagree with Shamir's policy of not surrendering any territory at all to Arabs as part of peace negotiations. (MM 11/21)

Debate breaks out in Lebanese parliament over UNIFIL's request that Lebanon withdraw army units deployed 11/18 in Tayr Diba, S. Lebanon. Most ministers argue army should remain to reestablish control over country. UNIFIL spokesman insists UNIFIL does not oppose this policy but merely seeks an orderly transfer of power. (MM 11/22)