Wednesday, December 25, 1991

PM Shamir chairs ministerial meeting to discuss formation of Jewish "civil guard" in o.t. (ITV 12/25 in FBIS 12/26)

Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek leads demonstration against settlers who moved into contested homes in Silwan. (MM 1/2)

Shiite cleric Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah addresses Beirut conference on intifada. Representatives from Fateh-Revolutionary Council [Abu Nidal], PFLP, Iranian Revolutionary Guards also speak. (Voice of Oppressed 12/26 in FBIS 12/27)

GCC ends summit, reaffirms commitment to "Damascus Declaration." Meeting also issues "Kuwait Declaration" supporting peace talks based on UN Sec. Council resolutions 242, 338, 425, affirming GCC support of multilateral talks with Israel. (MM 1/2)

Israel, Zambia renew diplomatic ties broken since 1973. (Qol Yisra'el 12/25 in FBIS 12/31)