Friday, July 31, 2015

Overnight in the West Bank, 4 Jewish extremists set fire to 2 Palestinian family homes in the village of Duma, nr. Nablus, killing an 18-mo.-old child and severely injuring the 3 other mbrs. of his family (the father and mother will succumb to their injuries on 8/8 and 9/7, respectively). The extremists leave price-tag graffiti nr. the site of the attack. IDF troops violently disperse Palestinian, Israeli, and international protesters at demonstrations against the Israeli occupation and the morning’s arson attack in 6 areas nr. Ramallah (Bil‘in, Ni‘lin, Nabi Salih, Jalazun r.c., Silwad, and outside Ofer Prison) and Kafr Qaddum nr. Qalqilya; 4 Palestinians are injured. They also violently disperse Palestinians gathering in Hebron and 1 village nearby to protest the morning’s arson attack, injuring 6. In the evening, clashes break out at Atara checkpoint nr. Ramallah, and Israeli soldiers shoot a Palestinian in the back, critically injuring him (he will succumb to his injuries on 8/1). During the day, Israeli forces patrol in 5 villages nr. Hebron and 1 each nr. Qalqilya and Ramallah; assault a Palestinian driver at a checkpoint nr. Nablus. An Israeli settler rams a Palestinian firefighter with a car while he is putting out a fire nr. Hebron. Israeli settlers also damage 35 olive tree seedlings nr. Ramallah. Elsewhere, a Palestinian opens fire on an Israeli vehicle nr. Ramallah, causing damage. Late at night, unknown assailants throw a molotov cocktail at a Hamas leader’s car in Jenin. IDF troops on the Gaza border e. of Bayt Lahiya open fire on a small group of Palestinians approaching the border fence to protest the morning’s arson attack nr. Jenin, killing 1 and moderately wounding another. In East Jerusalem, the Israeli authorities bar men under 50 from entering Haram al-Sharif in the wake of the morning arson attack. Clashes break out across the city, with Israeli forces firing rubber-coated metal bullets at Palestinian protesters in Shu‘fat r.c., Issawiyya, Bayt Hanina, al-Suwana, al-Tur, and Silwan; 2 Israeli police officers and 13 Palestinians are injured, including 1 seriously. Meanwhile, unknown assailants throw rocks and firebombs in the Old City, injuring 1 Israeli police officer. An Israeli settler rams a Palestinian with a car in Ras al-Amud, injuring him. During the day, Israeli forces arrest 3 Palestinians on raids and patrols in the Old City and Silwan. (HA, JP, MNA, TOI, WAFA 7/31; HA, MNA, TOI, WAFA, YA 8/1; PCHR 8/6)

In Ramallah, 5 new ministers are sworn into the PA consensus govt. after being announced on 7/30. (MNA 7/30; HA, YA 8/4; MNA 8/5)