Wednesday, August 26, 2015

In Gaza, fighters from the Salafi group Sarayat al-Shaykh Umar Hadid fire a rocket into Israel late at night, causing no damage or injuries. IAF jets launch a retaliatory air strike on a Hamas weapons facility in c. Gaza, causing damage but no injuries. Following 2 days of increased tension in East Jerusalem, a Palestinian attacks a group of Israeli border police nr. the Damascus Gate to the Old City, stabbing and injuring 1. The Israeli police assault and arrest the man. Israeli forces demolish 2 Palestinian homes and 7 stores in al-‘Izzariya to clear space for the expansion of the separation wall. They also detain 4 Palestinians at Haram al-Sharif. Late at night, Palestinian youths throw a firebomb at an Israeli police jeep in al-Tur, sparking clashes with Israeli forces; 2 Palestinians are detained. In the West Bank, IDF troops conduct house searches and raids nr. Tulkarm, Hebron, Jenin, and Qalqilya, arresting 11 Palestinians. (AP, HA, JP, MNA, WAFA, YA 8/26; HA, JP, MNA, PCHR, YA 8/27; TOI 8/28; PCHR 9/3)