Friday, August 27, 1982

Military Action:

1,300 Syrian-controlled Palestine Liberation Army (PLA) troops travel to Syria in first overland evacuation (760 PLO guerrillas leave by sea for Tartus); US Marines patrol port; PLO turns over weaponry to LNM forces in Beirut; Lebanese Army redeployment delayed by continued Muslim opposition to Gemayel.


2 IDF soldiers wounded by stray bullets during evacuation; 1 IDF soldier killed, 5 wounded by land mine explosion under their bus near Tyre; Radio Beirut reports 1 Lebanese soldier, 3 civilians wounded near Green Line.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Sharon continues fundraising in US, meets with Weinberger and Shultz (indicates Israeli unwillingness to share military information with US while sanctions imposed); Israeli police violently disperse Palestinian women demonstrating in front of US Consulate in East Jerusalem to protest US involvement in Lebanese war (several arrested, including an Israeli woman journalist); Israeli judge exempts Israeli companies from paying income tax on their operations in the occupied territories.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat praises PLO resistance; Gemayel, Sarkis praise Arafat agreement on evacuation, discipline of evacuation; West Beirut Muslims continue to refuse cooperation with Gemayel unless he prioritizes Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, returns to consensual decision-making.

Arab Governments: Foreign Ministers conference begins preparations for September 6 Arab summit; Libya charges Arab summit aims to recognize Israel. 

US and Other Countries: US reaffirms commitment to Jordanian sovereignty, security; White House announces Defense Secretary Weinberger to visit Lebanon, Israel, Egypt next week; Senator Percy, in visit to Beirut, meets Habib, Sarkis, Gemayel.