Wednesday, July 14, 1982

Militrary Action:

IDF warplanes buzz Beirut in a mock air raid, first Air Force activity over Beirut in 2 weeks as Lebanese Cabinet calls for withdrawal of all foreign forces from Lebanese territory; although shooting broke out between IDF and PLO soldiers manning checkpoints at the port about 300 yards from each other, cease-fire generally holds.


Hundreds of W. Beirut residents flee, fearing new outbreak of fighting; UN officials say IDF units daily patrol villages regarded as hostile; all mention of interrogation or detention of Palestinians censored from dispatches from Israel; electricity restored to many parts of Tyre for first time since war broke out; Canadian surgeon tells Congressional committee he saw Palestinian prisoners beaten to death; mayor of Sidon claims most arrests "arbitrary," involving innocent people.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Mayor Hijazi of Dir Dibwan on the West Bank is dismissed from his post making eighth such dismissal since March for staging a municipal work slowdown; officials indicate IDF goal is to eliminate all Palestinian refugee camps within 25-mile buffer zone along Israeli border; top aide to Meridor, Gravinsky, says Israeli government opposed to providing even temporary housing for Palestinians who lost their homes in the fighting, fearing they will become the nuclei of new camps; leaders of Nablus refugee camps write UNRWA of willingness to adopt orphans from Lebanese war; faction of Gush Emunim Amnah sets up new settlement near Hebron; Sharon extends state of alert in Israel for another week; Tehiya Party votes to join Likud coalition (strengthening proinvasion forces in Likud).

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese Cabinet calls for withdrawal of all foreign troops and assistance of a multinational force to oversee the evacuation of the PLO guerrillas, also asks Israel to comply with UN resolution and withdraw its invasion force; Hani al-Hassan praises Shultz statement referring to legitimate needs of the Palestinian people; Arafat reportedly tells Syria the PLO would like to move to Syria if an evacuation agreement can be reached.

Arab Governments: King Hussein calls for urgent meeting of Arab leaders to discuss Lebanon, Iran/Iraq wars.

US and Other Countries: Shultz, in second day of Senate nomination hearings, refers to legitimate needs and problems of the Palestinian people; Reagan, in meeting with Congres-sional leaders, says key condition for sending US troops is official request by Lebanon to do so; 4 British MPs visit W. Beirut; Reagan letter to King Fahd urges Saudis to help find haven for PLO.