Monday, September 13, 1982

Military Action:

Israel launches all-day air strikes against Syrian, PLO and LNM artillery and anti-aircraft positions in Central and East Bekaa; units of PLA led by Syrian officers take over some Syrian positions in Bekaa and North Lebanon; IDF forces truck in cold-weather gear, conduct lessons on driving in snow, preparing for winter in Lebanon.


Lebanese radio reports 40 people killed, wounded in IDF air raids on Bwarej, Saad Nayel, Chtaura, Taalabaya, Mureijat, Hazarta, Tarshish in Bekaa.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Shamir says security arrangement with Lebanon independent of departure of IDF troops; Sheli calls on Sharon to dissolve West Bank Civil Administration, return deposed mayors to their elected posts; West Bank delegation visits Vatican's Jerusalem office to express gratitude for Pope's willingness to meet Arafat; 30,000 dunums of land near Hebron declared "state lands" by military authorities.

Arab Governments: Saudi Arabia gives Syria over $500 m. in recent days; Assad resists withdrawing troops from Lebanon in face of PLO opposition; Hussein praises Reagan peace proposals, says Palestinian-Jordanian federation possible.

US and Other Countries: US expresses concern at renewed fighting, stresses need for early pullout of foreign forces from Lebanon.

UN: Morris Draper consults with UN in New York about expanding scope of UNIFIL in South Lebanon.