Tuesday, February 1, 1983

Military Action:

First contingent of 22 British troops arrives to join MNF, will patrol road south of airport.


17 killed, 34 wounded as artillery duels continue in the Aley and Chouf areas; 7 murdered in Sidon area as Phalange pursues campaign to force Palestinians to leave area or concentrate in Ain el-Hilweh camp.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Begin in Knesset rejects Reagan plan and says settlements cannot be frozen; Israel Aircraft Industries signs contract to repair and maintain helicopters for US Army in Europe.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese-Israeli-US negotiating teams meeting in Netanya step up frequency of meetings, disagree over Israeli demand for 28 mile deep security zone; Phalangists reported to agree in principle to President Gemayel's plan to extend control of regular army into East Beirut and surrounding suburbs; Prime Minister Wazzan meets Arafat in Tunis regarding withdrawal of PLO; Pierre Gemayel accuses Israel of trying to partition Lebanon and divide Muslims and Christians