Wednesday, February 2, 1983

Military Action:

US Marine captain with loaded pistol orders IDF tanks away from checkpoint in Beirut, the sixth incident between the two forces in past month; mortar explodes near US Marine position at airport; UNIFIL headquarters complains of IDF restrictions on their movements south of Beirut.


2 French soldiers wounded by gunfire from passing car; official IDF casualty figures to date for Lebanon war are 466 killed, 2567 wounded, from all causes; report on Ansar detention camp shows it has received 9200 detainees since out-break of war, with 5412 Palestinians and Lebanese still held, at a cost of IS lm. a day; 293 Syrian prisoners of war, of whom 24 are officers, also held at Ansar.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Socialist International mission meets Begin and Shamir and visits West Bank; Israel's foreign debt totals $20.1 billion, an increase of $2.2 billion in last year, while interest payments are expected to total $5.3 billion in the 1982-83 period; delegation of Lebanese Christian officials meets Sharon and other Israeli ministers in Tel Aviv; Village League head Mustafa Dudeen announces that the Palestinian Democratic Peace Movement will be formed at Hebron convention on February 12.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Leaflets distributed in Sidon area call on residents to deport strangers from Lebanon, no more Palestinians on Lebanon's land.

Arab Governments: Arab League delegation to Britain postponed for second time over question of PLO representation; President Mubarak meets PM Thatcher in London, seeks support for early withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon.

US and Other Countries: Reagan tells 150 World Jewish Congress members that Israel should freeze settlements on the West Bank, rules out use of sanctions or pressure to force withdrawal from Lebanon, urges King Hussein to negotiate directly with Israel; Reagan to seek $250 million in emergency supplemental aid to Lebanon, of which $100 million will go to rebuild army; administration officials expect US Marines will remain in Lebanon for at least another year; Anti-Defamation League releases 100 page handbook on "Pro-Arab Propaganda in America"; Rev. Jerry Falwell, at National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, urges Christians to support Israel; Chinese Foreign Minister tells Shultz in Peking that US should pressure Israel to pull its troops out of Lebanon; chairman of foreign affairs committee of Dutch parliament says in Jerusalem that no solution can be found to the Palestine problem without the involvement of the PLO.