Sunday, May 29, 1983

Military Action:

1200 US Marines arrive in Beirut to relieve units deployed with MNF since February; IDF reinforces positions in Bekaa, keeps troops on special alert for 4th consecutive day; Lebanese TV reports exchange of artillery rounds across Syrian-Israeli lines in Bekaa; Israeli jets repeatedly break sound barrier over Bekaa during dozens of reconnaissance flights, encounter anti-aircraft fire from Palestinian positions in north Lebanon; Lebanese guerrillas attack IDF vehicles near Bhamdoun; grenade thrown at Israeli civilian truck in Nabatiyeh; grenade thrown at IDF vehicle in Beirut; IDF APC hits mine near Yanta; IDF position fired on from behind Syrian lines near Amik.


1 civilian killed, another wounded in Syrian-Israeli artillery exchange; 2 IDF soldiers killed, 3 wounded in Bhamdoun attack; IDF warns soldiers in Lebanon not to buy drinks or pita bread locally, due to recent incidents of booby-trapped food.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Cabinet approves continuation of military alert status; Peace Now march to get Israel out of the Lebanese quagmire begins at Rosh Hanikra on Lebanese border and heads for Tel Aviv; police arrest son of Rabbi Hirsh, leader of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jewish Neturei Karta movement, on charges of failing to register for military conscription; 20 West Bank sites advertised by private companies for construction of villas have not been approved by Ministerial Settlement Committee.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Abu Saleh, dissident Fateh officer, denies Libyan support, but says he would welcome it; PLO denies right-wing Lebanese radio report of assassination attempt on Arafat; Arafat tours PLO positions in Baalbek area; Gemayel speaks to largely Muslim rally in West Beirut, calls for Lebanese unity; mufti of Lebanon opposes Lebanese-Israeli agreement.