Wednesday, January 23, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Haifa District Court sentences members of PFLP-GC group convicted (1/20) for attempted bombing of Shalom Tower, Tel Aviv to terms ranging from 9-20 yrs. [JP 1/24]. Kach, Tehiya supporters disrupt meeting featuring MK Muhammad Mi'ari, harass him afterwards [FJ 2/1]. IDF destroy 40 dunums of grapevines in Gaza Zaytun bloc; part of steps [see 1/21] to expropriate 5,000 dunums of land south of Gaza city [FJ 2/15].

Arab World: Jordanian parliament amends passport law; Jordanian passport holders seeking to renew passports from abroad now must have applications sent to Amman for screening; authorities there will decide on approval, may require recall of applicant to Jordan; aimed at politically active individuals, especially on W. Bank [FJ 1/25].

Military Action

Arab World: SLA officer dies in booby-trapped car, Kafr Hula, S. Lebanon [JP 1/25].