Wednesday, July 31, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Administrative detention order is issued against ex-political prisoner Ziad Abu 'Ain, for allegedly planning to hijack Israeli bus. (Abu 'Ain spent less than 3 months at home following his release in the 5/20 prisoner exchange) [FJ 8/9]. Nablus remains under curfew following 7/30 murder of Albert Buchris. Five hundred police and a helicopter monitor his funeral [JTA 8/1]. Army enters al-Najah University and raids student council offices; preparations had been underway for student elections [JP 8/2]. Knesset passes bill requiring anyone running for Knesset to give up second citizenship [WP, PI, JTA 8/1]. Israeli police break into the site of preparations for the second annual Palestinian heritage festival in Tireh, order volunteers to stop work on the basis they do not have building permits [FJ 8/9]. Funeral is held in Afula for Israeli shot to death in West Bank. Riot police disperse crowd outside police station [PI 8/1]. Mayor Shalom Wach of Kiryat Arba cancels plan to dismiss all Palestinian workers employed by the municipality following Attorney General Zamir's ruling the plan is illegal UTA 8/1]. New American Ambassador to Israel Thomas Pickering assures P. M. Peres there has been no change in U.S. policy towards the PLO; U.S. will engage in talks with a Palestinian-Jordanian delegation only if convinced it will lead to direct talks with Israel; U.S. is ready, if requested, to help Israel and Egypt resolve Taba dispute [JTA 8/1]. The Jerusalem Post reports charges of corruption have been made against several Israeli companies and individuals operating in the black "homeland" of Ciskei; contracts with the trade commissioners in Israel have been terminated; all commercial relations with Israel have been cut [JP 7/31, JTA 8/5].

Military Action

Arab World: Suicide car bomb attack against an Israeli armored patrol in the security zone kills at least 3 Lebanese, including the driver, wounds unknown number of others, including Israeli soldiers. Syrian Social Nationalist party claims responsibility, saying its member, 'Ali Ghazi Talib, 22, carried out the attack [NYT 8/1].