Tuesday, December 4, 1990

Iraq's Revolutionary Command Council issues statement allowing all Soviet citizens to leave Iraq providing Soviet gov't. assumes responsibility for breaching worker contracts [MEM 12/4; NYT, LAT, WT, WP, CSM 12/5; INA 12/4 in FBIS 12/4].

After meeting in Cairo with Saudi and Syrian F.M.s, Pres. Mubarak urges creation of new Arab alliance grouping Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Syria as a "foundation to serve the Arab people." Tripartite statement is also issued. King Hussein of Jordan and Vice Pres. al-Beedh of Yemen fly to Baghdad to meet with Saddam Hussein and Yasir Arafat [MENA 12/4 in FBIS 12/5; NYT, LAT, MEM 12/5; WP 12/6; AVP 12/6 in FBIS 12/7; MET 12/18].

Kuwait's ambassador to U.S. says Bush admin. has assured his gov't.-in-exile that U.S. would make "absolutely no concessions" when it meets with Iraqi officials [NYT 12/5].

New York Newsday reports Kach party members mailed to a television reporter a "hit list," threatening lives of at least 8 supporters of Palestinian rights, including M.T. Mehdi, Arthur Hertzberg, Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said, and Anthony Lewis. Threats are aimed at avenging assassination of Kach founder Meir Kahane [WT, WP, MEM 12/5].

In Brussels, 12-country EC agrees that It- aly, current holder of EC presidency, could hold talks with Iraqi F.M. Aziz if Aziz first meets with Pres. Bush [MEM 12/5].

Responding to growing fear over rash of Palestinian knife attacks on Israelis, police broaden surveillance of Arab workers in Israel with spot check searches and new roadblocks along W. Bank [NYT, MEM 12/5].