Monday, December 3, 1990

Two-day tripartite meeting of foreign ministers of Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia begins in Cairo; this is 3d meeting since Gulf crisis began [MENA, RMC 12/3 in FBIS 12/4; MET 12/11].

Greater Beirut officially comes under control of Lebanese Army after Lebanese Forces militia vacate positions [MEM 12/3; NYT, WT, WP, CSM 12/4; BDS, BVL, RFL 12/3 in FBIS 12/4; MET 12/11].

Def. Sec. Cheney tells Senate Armed Services Committee that military action rather than economic sanctions is only sure way of forcing Iraq out of Kuwait [NYT, WT, WP, MEM 12/4; CSM 12/5].

Soviet television reports that 1,000 of the 3,000 Soviet citizens still held in Iraq will be allowed to return to USSR within next 3 weeks [NYT, WT, WP 12/4].

In separate statements before English-speaking or American audiences, Israeli D.M. Moshe Arens, Housing Min. Ariel Sharon, Deputy F.M. Benjamin Netanyahu, and several MKs offer sharp warnings that Iraq should not be left with its army and weapons intact after Gulf crisis [NYT 12/4; WP 12/6]; Sharon compares Sec. Baker's proposed Baghdad trip to Neville Chamberlain in World War II [JDS 12/3 in FBIS 12/4].

Israeli military court sentences to 30 years each of 12 Arabs apprehended in PLF's May 1990 attempted attack on Tel Aviv beach [IDF 12/3 in FBIS 12/5; LAT 12/4; MEM 12/4; MET 12/11].

Quoting B'Tselem data, HaAretz reports that Palestinians are prohibited from building on 68% of West Bank's 5.5 million dunums [HAA 12/3 in FBIS 12/5].

Israeli air force and navy confront "fishing vessel that appeared suspicious" off coast of Gaza; force it ashore and shoot dead 1 crew member who tries to flee; five others are detained [JDS 12/4 in FBIS 12/4; MEM 12/4].

At least 10 "anti-Israeli combatants" are killed in 2 incidents of fighting with IDF, SLA troops in S. Lebanon [IDF, AFP 12/3 in FBIS 12/4].