Sunday, June 10, 1990

Likud leader Yitzhak Shamir wins his party's near-unanimous approval to form new gov't., which he will present for Knesset vote on 6/11 [JDS 6/10 in FBIS 6/11; WP, LAT, WT 6/11].

U.S. Jewish delegation, concerned about anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela's statements supporting PLO, meets him in Geneva for reassurances, reports Mandela says African National Congress "accepts unequivocally the existence of the State of Israel, not only de facto but also its legal right to exist. . .within secure borders." Satisfied, delegation gives approval for warm welcome for Mandela on his arrival to U.S. on 6/20, a welcome that had been in doubt until meeting [WP, LAT, WT 6/ 11].

Arafat receives message from Mikhail Gorbachev detailing outcome of U.S.- Soviet summit, reaffirming Soviet support for Palestinians [BVP 6/10 in FBIS 6/12].

Israeli police discover 80 desecrated graves in American section of Mount of Olives cemetery in Jerusalem; Mayor Teddy Kollek warns incident may further disrupt Arab-Jewish relations in the city [LAT 6/11].

SLA forces in S.Lebanon report capturing 3 Fateh soldiers inside "security zone" (cf. 6/11) [AFP 6/11 in FBIS 6/12]