Monday, June 11, 1990

Israel's parliament votes 62-57 (1 abstention) to approve right-wing gov't. under P.M. Shamir. Likud's narrow coalition includes 10 other parties or factions representing ultra-Orthodox religious groups and the extreme right [JDS 6/11 in FBIS 6/12; NYT, WP, WT, LAT 6/12; FJ 6/18].

In Tunis, PLO issue statement opposing any military action that targets civilians. Bush admin. is reportedly "disappointed" that PLO did not specifically condemn 5/30 attempted seaborne raid by Abul Abbas's PLF faction [BVP 6/11 in FBIS 6/12; WP, NYT, WT, LAT 6/12]; Robert Pelletreau, U.S. ambassador to Tunisia, meets with PLO representatives for fourth time in recent days; Swedish gov't. sends emissary to Arafat, urging him to take action acceptable to Washington [KUNA 6/11 in FBIS 6/12; NYT, WP 6/12].

UNLU issues call no. 58, calling for increased isolation of Israel and U.S. [SVP 6/11, 6/14 in FBIS 6/13, 6/15].

U.S. Vice Pres. Dan. Quayle, Def. Sec. Richard Cheney, and Virginia govemor L. Douglas Wilder speak before AIPAC's annual conference in Washington [WP, WT 6/12].

Fateh political dir. Zayd Wahbah tells reporters Fateh "had not conducted an infiltration attempt into Israel," referring to 6/10 allegation that SLA had captured Fateh infiltrators in S.Lebanon "security zone" [AFP 6/11 in FBIS 6/12].