Wednesday, June 13, 1990

Speaking to Jerusalem Post in first interview since forming new gov't. Yitzhak Shamir blames U.S. criticism for stirring up Arab hostility; lays down restrictive condition for peace talks, saying Israel will not negotiate with any Palestinian who opposes limited autonomy for O.T.; new gov't.'s guidelines also stipulate no role for E. Jerusalem Palestinians in any part of peace process [MEM 6/ 13; WP, NYT, LAT 6/14; LAT 6/16].

New Israeli police minister Roni Milo says Sec. James Baker's formula for talks is "no longer relevant" to his gov't. [NYT 6/14]; while F.M. David Levy says Baker plan had "distorted" the Israeli peace initiative it was to implement; calls for U.S. to "get back to basics" with Israel. Agriculture minister Rafael Eitan calls for deportation of Palestinian intifada leaders [WP 6/14].

Speaking before House Foreign Affairs Committee, Sec. Baker expresses impatience at peace process and especially with Israel, implying that if positive moves are not forthcoming quickly, U.S. will disengage from Middle East peace process: "When you're serious about peace, call us," he says, giving out White House telephone number [NYT, WT, WP, LAT, MEM 6/14; MET 6/19].

Shamir, responding to Arab requests, authorizes UN fact-finding mission to O.T.; move prompts harsh rebuke from far right-wing supporters of Shamir's gov't. [JDS 6/13 in FBIS 6/13; NYT 6/ 14].

Immigration min. Yitzhak Peretz says that 50,000 Jews, over 90% from USSR, have immigrated to Israel in 1990; nearly 200 have settled in O.T. [MET 6/ 26].

New D.M. Moshe Arens spends day visiting 2 largest Jewish settlements in W.Bank; says he is making a statement about his priorities [NYT 6/14; MET 6/ 26].

Israeli army jails for 10 days soldier who threw tear gas grenade into UN maternity clinic in Gaza. 66 infants were treated for gas inhalation in 6/12 incident [WT 6/14; MET 6/26].

Beirut radio reports of skirmish in S.Lebanon between Israeli and SLA troops and Shiite militias; no injuries [BVL 6/13 in FBIS 6/13].