Saturday, October 13, 1990

3-day "Popular Kuwaiti Congress" grouping 1,200 Kuwaiti exiles opens in Jeddah with Crown Prince suggesting the country's defunct parliament would be revived and free elections held once Kuwait is liberated from Iraq (cf. 10/15) [NYT, WP 10/14].

Responding to UN Sec. Council vote calling for UN investigation into Haram al-Sharif shootings, Israeli cabinet sec. says: "We will not cooperate with them. We don't need to give any reports, remarks, or excuses to this delegation." P.M.'s office says delegation will be admitted to Israel, but will not be helped by anyone in the gov't (cf. 10/14) [NYT, WP 10/14]; Sec. Baker sends letter to F.M. Levy making clear that admin.'s "sense of concern over Israel's handling of the situation [on 10/8] would have led us [U.S.] to support UN Sec. Council action regardless of the situation in the Gulf" [NYT 10/16].

British For. Sec. Douglas Hurd meets in Cairo with Pres. Mubarak to discuss Gulf crisis [MENA 10/13 in FBIS 10/15; NYT 10/14].

King Hussein meets in Amman with Iraqi F.M. Aziz about the continuing diplomatic ef- fort to persuade Iraq to leave Kuwait [NYT 10/14].

Gen. Michel Aoun, leader of Christian militia that opposed Syrian-backed Lebanese gov't for 11 months, surrenders after Syrian air and ground attacks in E. Beirut; seeks refuge in French embassy [BVL 10/13 in FBIS 10/15; NYT, WP 10/14].