Wednesday, July 8, 1992

EC grants ECU 29 million (about $35 million) for o.t. housing projects to Palestinian delegation's Housing Council. Accord sets precedent of intl. actor dealing directly with the o.t. as a distinct political entity. EC rep. Thomas Dupla meets with Dani Rothschild, coordinator of Israeli govt. activities in the o.t., who indicated that state-owned lands may be for the firstime allocated for Palestinian housing needs. (Al Hamishmar 7/9 in FBIS 7/9; MM 7/9)

Ten Palestinians are hospitalized in Gaza Strip as a result of Hamas-Fateh violence. IDF imposes curfew on Rafah. (WP 7/10)

Reps. of National Reconciliation Committee (NRC-4 Fateh and Hamas mbrs. each, 3 W. Bank leaders, 3 Palestinian Israelis) meet with Hamas leaders at Haydar 'Abd al-Shafi's home in Gaza, meet later with Fateh leaders at Red Crescent Society to investigate and halt violence in Gaza Strip. (MM 7/9)

Undercover IDF soldier is killed accidently by another undercover unit near Barta, W. Bank. (Qol Yisra'el 7/9 in FBIS 7/9)

Outgoing Fin. Min. Yitzhak Modai rejects all demands by housing min. officials to expedite his signature on 1,000's of new o.t. contracts-does not want to "impose a fait accompli" on new govt. Move rescinds 7/5 agreement with housing min. (IDF Radio 7/8 in FBIS 7/8)

Islamic World League issues statement in Mecca urging end to Fateh-Hamas violence in Gaza Strip. (SPA 7/8 in FBIS 7/9)

Fateh, PFLP, Arab Liberation Front, DFLP, and Palestinian People's Party issue statement warning Hamas to halt "attacks and excesses." (Algiers VOP 7/9 in FBIS 7/10; Sanaa VOP 7/10 in FBIS 7/13)

Number of military officers purged and/or executed by Iraqi Pres. Saddam Hussein since 6/29 reported coup attempt estimated at 200. (NYT 7/9)