Thursday, July 9, 1992

Labor party Chmn. Yitzhak Rabin forms governing coalition with Meretz and SHAS (Torah Observing Sephardim) parties, for a total of 62 seats in the Knesset (see 6/23). Right wing Tsomet party under Rafael Eytan left out over increasing disagreement with Rabin. (NYT 7/10)

Hamas and Fateh release "joint statement" calling for temporary truce after meeting in Amman. (WP 7/10)

Haydar 'Abd al-Shafi condemns violence in the Gaza Strip, calls on two sides to "immediately and unconditionally" halt attacks, intends to continue mediation in statement on behalf of NRC (see 7/8). (Al-Fajr 7/9 in FBIS 7/9)

EC grants ECU 15 million (about $20 million) for industrial and agricultural development to 4 Palestinian loan institutions in o.t. Agreement was signed in Jerusalem by EC rep. Thomas Dupla and Faisal Husseini, and is part of ECU 60 million package allocated to the o.t. (Al-Fajr 7/10 in FBIS 7/17)

Amnesty International releases report critizing Israel's holding of 2,000 Palestinians in "administrative detention" without charge or trial and its "unjustifiable" killing of 90 Palestinians. Report states about 170 Palestinians, most of them suspected collaborators, were killed by other Palestinians. (WP 7/10)

PLO issues statement rejecting Lebanese plan for refugee resettlement and compensation calling on Lebanon to support Palestinian right to return and settle in their own independent homeland. (VOL 7/9 in FBIS 7/15)

Jersualem Post reports PM Shamir has urged Pres. Bush to free Jonathan Pollard, convicted to life sentence in 1986 for spying for Israel. (WP 7/10)

Bahij Abu al-Hana, head of Biqa' Valley branch of Abu Nidal's Fateh Revolutionary Council, is shot dead near his home in Ta'lbaya, Lebanon. (AFP 7/9 in FBIS 7/9)