Wednesday, July 15, 1992

Israeli soldiers surround al-Najah University in Nablus. Some 3,000-4,000 students and others refuse to submit to searches; IDF imposes curfew on Nablus and 4 nearby refugee camps. (WP 7/16; NYT 7/17)

PLO Exec. Comm. issues statement criticizing Rabin's "iron fist policy," and calling for int'l. action to lift the siege. (Algiers VOP 7/15 in FBIS 7/16)

Construction and housing min. Benyamin Ben-Eliezer "cancel[s] endorsement" of approved but unsigned contracts for 3,000 housing units in the o.t. Council of Jewish Settlements of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza considers this a "declaration of war." (Qol Yisra'el, IDF Radio 7/15 in FBIS 7/16)

Fateh official Abu-Nidal al-Asmar narrowly escapes death as a bomb destroys his car in Sidon. (AFP 7/15 in FBIS 7/15)

Israeli undercover unit shoots dead Hamas-'Izz al-Din al-Qassim faction mbr. in Gaza City. (MM 7/16)

Amal claims an attack on an SLA patrol in al-Qantara, S. Lebanon, kills 6 Israeli soldiers and 1 Amal militiaman. SLA responds by shelling "security zone" border villages of al-Qantara, al-Qabrikha. (VOL 7/15 in FBIS 7/15; Radio Lebanon 7/15 in FBIS 7/16)

PM Rabin "rules out" Palestinian legislative elections as outlined in Camp David Accords. (WP 7/16)

Pres. Herzog leaves for 2-day visit to Turkey, firstrip to Turkey by an Israeli president. (Qol Yisra'el 7/15 in FBIS 7/16)