Sunday, June 5, 1994

Palestinians clash with IDF in Hebron, Ramallah.  (WT 6/6)

IDF closes 4 entrances to Nur Shams r.c., nr. Tulkarm.  (UNRWA News 6/15)

Nabil Shaath says world community "moving very, very slowly" on aid to Palestinian self-rule areas, PLO needs "bridging measures."  $7 m. received of $2.4 b. in aid pledged, according to Shaath.  (Qol Yisra'el 6/5 in FBIS 6/6; WT 6/8)

GCC foreign ministers issue statement "welcom[ing]" 5/4 Cairo Agreement as "positive step" toward "comprehensive" solution to Arab-Israeli conflict.  (Saudi TV 6/5 in FBIS 6/6)

Conservative Labor MKs form "3d Way" lobby group to limit amount of o.t. land ceded to Palestinians.  Group includes Agriculture M Yaacov Tsur, Dep. DM Mordechai Gur, 19 of 44 Labor MKs.  Lobby opposes Palestinian state, return to 1967 borders.  Group's outline of future o.t. settlement resembles "Allon Plan" of 1970s.  (WT 6/6; WJW 6/9)

Official Lebanese sources say Syria, Iran pressuring Hizballah to cease firing katyushas at Israel.  Reports follow 6/4 visit of Iranian FM Ali Akbar Velayati to Damascus.  (WT 6/6)

Arab League, Organization of the Islamic Conference condemn recent Israeli attacks on southern Lebanon.  (MENA, SPA 6/5 in FBIS 6/6)

Russian Chief of Staff Col. Gen. Mikhail Kolesnikov opens 3-day visit to Syria. (WT 6/21)