Tuesday, February 14, 1995

PM Rabin tells Knesset that Israel has placed 2,400 Palestinians under administrative detention since 10/19, currently has 5,000-6,000 Palestinians incarcerated. (QY 2/14 in FBIS 2/15; MM 2/15; MEI 2/17; PR 2/20) (see 1/24)

Syrian FM al-Shara` says Syria will not sign NPT unless Israel does. (WT 2/15)

Representative fr. 14 Arab League states (incl. Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE) meet in Cairo to forge joint position on NPT issue. (AFP 2/13 in FBIS 2/14)

Palestinians demonstrate throughout o.t. on 1st anniversary of Hebron massacre. IDF soldiers fire on demonstrators in West Bank, killing 1 Palestinian, wounding 7. (QY 2/14 in FBIS 2/15; CSM, MM, WP, WT 2/15; PR 2/20)