Monday, August 25, 1997

Arafat, Pres. Mubarak hold talks on the peace process in Alexandria. (RE 8/25 in WNC 8/26; RE 8/26 in WNC 8/27)

PM Netanyahu arrives in Japan. (IDF Radio, Kyodo [Tokyo] 8/25 in WNC 8/26; MM 8/26; MM, WP, WT 8/27, CSM 9/3, JP 9/6) (see 8/24)

Saying that the Oslo process must be "redefined," Israeli mayor of Jerusalem Ehud Olmert promises to build additional housing projects, including some in disputed territories. (WT 8/26)

In Bethlehem, the IDF fires tear gas, rubber bullets at Palestinians protesting the continued internal closure. When troops move closer to the PA-controlled area, PA police take up postitions behind walls, baracades. Only when troops pull back, do they intervene to disperse the protesters. (WP, WT 8/26)

IDF demolishes 2 Palestinian homes nr. Bethlehem, 2 nr. Jerusalem for allegedly being built without permits. (LAW 8/25; WP, WT 8/26; IDF Radio 8/26 in WNC 8/27; PR 8/29)

Israeli police, Shabak agents break into the Golan Heights home of Ilham Abu Salih--a Druze who heads a student organization at Damascus University, representing 400 Golani Druze students; arrest her on suspicion of being a Syrian spy. Druze in Majdal Shams stage protests, burning tires, waving Syrian flags. Syria complains to the UN. (al-Anwar 8/29 in WNC 9/4; NYT, WP 9/4; JP 9/6)

After much critism, Labor Chmn. Barak reverses the dismissal of Labor party personnel announced 8/21, saying he erred in abruptly laying off the workers. (MA 8/29 in WNC 9/2; JP 9/6)

As fighting continues in Lebanon, IAF fires rockets at PFLP-GC targets s. of Beirut, causing no injuries. Hizballah detonates a roadside bomb in s. Lebanon, injuring 1 SLA mbr. (QPAR 8/25 in WNC 8/26; CSM, WP 8/26)