Wednesday, September 29, 1999

At the invitation of the White House, Syrian FM Shara` takes time out fr. the UNGA session York to meet with Pres. Clinton in Washington. Shara` then returns to New York to meet with Albright. (MM 9/30; JT 10/2 in WNC 10/4; JP, MEI 10/15; JP 10/22)

Israeli DM Ephraim Sneh says that Israel may not withdrawal fr. Lebanon by early next summer as PM Barak has promised, because the PM's time line assumed that Israel would be well into negotiations with Syria by that time, but there has been no movement on the track thus far. (MM 9/30)

In his address to the UNGA, Israeli FM Levy says that UN intervention in the peace process would be detrimental, that Syria should restart talks quickly. Nasser al-Kidwa, head of the PLO mission to the UN, walks out during Levy's speech. (MENA 9/29 in WNC 9/30; MM, WJW 9/30; JP 10/8; MEI 10/29)

Jordanian police release fmr. MP Abu Zant on bail, but arrest Azzam Yunis, editor of al-Arab al-Yawm, on incitement charges for publishing Abu Zant's articles. Later in the day, police rearrest Abu Zant. (MM, NYT 9/30; JT 9/30 in WNC 10/3; JT 10/3 in WNC 10/4; JP 10/8; MEI 10/15) (see 9/28)

Israeli amb. Zalman Shoval addresses opening of Israeli exhibit at Disney World; praises Disney for not bending to Arab, Muslim demands to remove Israel's Jerusalem display. The content of the exhibit is unchanged, though the title is no longer "Jerusalem, Capital of Israel." (CSM, WJW, WT 9/30, 10/1; NYT 10/2; MENA 10/2 in WNC 10/4; al-Ahram 10/4 in WNC 10/8; MM 10/6; WJW 10/7; JP 10/8; CSM 10/20) (see 9/17)

Hizballah detonates a roadside bomb in s. Lebanon, killing 1 SLA mbr., wounding 2. (RL 9/29 in WNC 9/30)