Sunday, June 2, 2002

IDF operations continue in Balata r.c. and Nablus, expand to Bayt Wazzan. In Balata r.c., the IDF blows up the home of AMB Nablus cmdr. Titi (assassinated 5/22), an alleged bomb-making factory; says 3,000 Palestinians fr. the camp have been detained, 100s released (but reportedly warned against returning to the camp). In Nablus, the IDF arrests a Jordanian journalist, 7 foreign peace activists for being in a closed military zone; arrests 6 Palestinian students, including 4 women, at al-Najah university on charges of plotting attacks. The IDF also conducts arrest raids in Tulkarm, occupying 1 Palestinian home as an IDF post; imposes a closure on Jalazone r.c.; bulldozes a Palestinian olive grove nr. Bayt Jala, 120 dunams of agricultural land in Sawahira al-Sharqiyya; confiscates Palestinian property in Bayt Hanina; shells residential areas of Khan Yunis, damaging several homes, buildings. (HP 6/2; NYT, WT 6/3; LAW 6/5; JPI 6/14)

CIA Dir. George Tenet arrives in Cairo on the first leg of a 4-day regional tour to consult with Egyptian, Israeli, Palestinian leaders on PA security reforms. (HA, NYT, WT 6/3; JT 6/3 in WNC 6/4; WP, WT 6/4; HA, NYT, WP, WT 6/5; QA 6/5 in WNC 6/6; MM 6/7; AYM 6/7 in WNC 6/10; MEI, NYT 6/14; NYT 6/15)