Thursday, February 21, 1991

After midnight meeting with F.M. Aziz in Moscow, Soviet leaders announce Baghdad has given "positive" response to Soviet peace plan; U.S. delays formal response until consultation with allies [NYT, LAT, WP, WT 2/22].

Saddam Hussein delivers speech over Baghdad radio reaffirming Iraq's 2/15 proposal; says Iraq is ready for all-out war unless proposal is accepted [BADS 2/21 in FBIS 2/21; NYT, LAT, WP, MEM 2/22; MET 3/5].

U.S. Def. Sec. Dick Cheney says allied forces are braced for "one of the largest land assaults of modem times" as U.S.-Iraq clashes grow larger and more intense; U.S. command says allies have reached level of destruction specified by senior generals as minimum needed before ground offensive can begin [NYT 2/22].

SCUD missiles are fired at Saudi Arabia in 2 rare daylight attacks; Patriot missile intercept all; 9 American soldiers are killed in 2 helicopter crashes in Saudi Arabia [LAT, MEM 2/22; MET 3/5].

Kuwaiti gov't-in-exile contracts U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help restore Kuwait's damaged water, power, and transportation systems after war. Contract runs for 90 days, valued at $45 million [LAT 2/22].

Saudi ambassador to U.S., Prince Bandar bin Sultan, warns that Yasir Arafat, King Hussein, and Pres. Saleh of Yemen will be made to pay dearly for supporting Iraq, signalling sharp break from Saudi prewar policy of trying to forge Arab consensus (cf. 2/26) [LAT 2/22].

Hours after long-disputed $400 million loan guarantees to Israel is approved, Israeli officials claim the amount is grossly insufficient; Immigration Min. Yitzhak Peretz says "In fact, it's a very small sum that only accounts for 3 or 4 percent of the overall figure" needed [NYT 2/22].

Amnesty International accuses members of allies of using war as pretext for human rights violations, citing Britain, Egypt, and U.S. for war-related abuses [MEM 2/21; LAT 2/22].

At Labor party bureau meeting MK Moshe Shahal expresses, for 1st time in public, support for creation of Palestinian state [IDF 2/21 in FBIS 2/22; MEM 2/22; JPI 3/2].