Wednesday, March 13, 1991

Sec. Baker holds 7-hour meeting with Pres. Asad in Damascus; American officials decline to comment on contents [NYT, LAT, WP, WT 3/14; CSM 3/15; MET 3/26].

Palestinian human rights workers and community leaders say more than 100 Palestinians have disappeared in the 2 weeks since allied forces recovered Kuwait; PLO says over 3,500 Palestinians have been detained at checkpoints. Bush admin. says this is "a big concern" [LAT, NYT, WT 3/14].

Taking 1st clear step to aid Iraqi insurgents, Pres. Bush accuses Iraq of violating cease-fire by using helicopter gunships against rebels; Bush warns Saddam Hussein against further use [NYT, LAT, WT 3/14; CSM 3/15].

Bush also warns Iran not to seize any Iraqi territory during rebellion [WP 3/14].

Demonstrators in Mosul, Iraq storm 2 prisons and release 4,000 political prisoners, according to Kurdish leaders. Clashes between loyalists and rebels are reported in Baghdad. Three-day Beirut conference of Iraqi opposition leaders ends with an appeal to Iraqi loyalists to help topple Saddam [NYT, LAT, WP, WT 3/14; KUNA, SANA, INRA 3/13 in FBIS 3/14].

Japan transfers equivalent of $8.6 billion to its Gulf Peace Fund, fulfilling its pledge of aid for allied forces, according to gov't. spokesperson. No mention is made of the fact that Japan had promised $9 billion [LAT 3/14].

Bassam Abu Sharif, advisor to Arafat, gives interview to Sky Television in which he suggests borders of Palestinian state are negotiable, offers other "concessions" (cf. 3/18) [AVP, BBC 3/13 in FBIS 3/14].

P.M. Shamir asks Aliyah Committee Chairman Ariel Sharon to withdraw his letter of resignation; Sharon complies [JDS 3/13 in FBIS 3/14].

Algerian National Television Service broadcasts 24-hour telethon to raise money for and express solidarity with people of Iraq [APS 3/14 in FBIS 3/14].