Sunday, April 28, 1991

Israeli gov't. formally retracts agreement made last week between F.M. Levy and Sec. Baker on format for regional peace talks. P.M. Shamir says Levy went too far, Levy accuses Shamir of "getting cold feet" [NYT 4/29; JDS 4/28 in FBIS 4/29; MET 5/7].

Saudi Prince Khalid bin Sultan, commander of allied Arab forces, says he does not think Saudi Arabia would need or want larger American military presence than it had before Gulf war [NYT 4/29].

Israeli authorities release Sari Nusseibeh from prison, 3 months after he was detained on charges of spying for Iraq [NYT, MEM 4/29; FJ 5/6].

Syria calls for increased Iranian role in postwar Gulf security arrangements as Pres. Asad and Pres. Rafsanjani hold 2d day of talks in Damascus [WP 4/29]. Rafsanjani also meets with PFLP-GC delegation [QUD 4/29 in FBIS 4/30].

Yasir Abd Rabbo, PLO information chief who headed PLO delegation to Moscow last week, tells media "the Soviet Union believes the peace process cannot take off without the participation of the PLO" [MEM 4/29].