Monday, April 29, 1991

After 3 days of talks in Damascus, presidents of Syria and Iran agree to allow armed Iranian-backed forces to remain in southern Lebanon near Israel's "security zone"; Lebanese Forces militia announces it is surrendering its weapons to Lebanese Army [MEM 4/29; NYT, MEM 4/30; DDS 4/29 in FBIS 4/30]. Joint Syrian-Iranian declaration stresses that Iran must play a role in Middle East security arrangements [MEM 4/30].

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says that Iraq has given detailed response to requests for more information about location of its nuclear materials [NYT 4/30; AFP 4/30 in FBIS 5/1]; but will not disclose whereabouts of materials that escaped allied bombing unless Baghdad is assured materials will not be destroyed [WP 5/1].

American section of World Jewish Congress calls for commutation of Jonathan Jay Pollard's life sentence for spying for Israel [WP 4/30].

Pres. Bush says U.S. will resist Iraq's UN request to have economic sanctions lifted so that Baghdad can begin selling oil for badly needed currency; Bush says exception would be made for food imports [WP 4/30].

Media report that Egypt is quietly repatriating most of its nearly 40,000 troops who were deployed in Gulf war (cf. 5/8) [AFP 4/30 in FBIS 4/30].

UNLU issues unnumbered leaflet blaming Israeli gov't. for purposely "striking at the tourist sector in Jerusalem and spreading biased propaganda regarding alleged risks to tourists" [MEM 5/1].