Tuesday, April 30, 1991

64-year-old French tourist is stabbed to death outside restaurant in Bethlehem by unknown assailant. Mayor Elias Freij denounces incident [MEM 4/30; NYT, WP, LAT 5/1; IDF 4/30 in FBIS 4/30].

Despite intensive bombing of Iraq's military sites, Baghdad still has enough weaponsgrade uranium to make 1 nuclear bomb, according to U.S. admin. officials and scientists [NYT 5/1].

State Dep't. reports international terrorism dropped by nearly 15% in 1990; adds that more terrorist attacks occurred in Latin America (162) and Asia (96) than in Middle East (63) [WP, LAT 5/1].

Egyptian media report PLO has not been invited to Socialist International meeting in Cairo because of its pro-Iraq Gulf war stand. A delegation from Israel's leftwing Mapam parry will attend [MEM 4/30].

Israeli Housing Ministry plans the construction of 24,000 more houses in o.t. to accommodate 88,000 Jewish settlers, according to media reports [MEM 5/1].