Friday, May 10, 1991

Saudi Arabia and other 5 member states of GCC agree to send observer to opening session of any Middle East peace conference that Sec. Baker is trying to organize (cf. 5/11) [WP 5/11; MEM 5/13; KUNA 5/11 in FBIS 5/13].

F.M. Bessmertnykh becomes highest ranking Soviet official ever to visit Israel; no progress reportedly made in talks on overcoming obstacles to Middle East peace conference. Israeli officials express concern over Bessmertnykh's 5/9 remarks in Jordan [WP, NYT, LAT 5/11; JDS, IDF 5/10 in FBIS 5/10; MEM 5/13].

U.S. calls on Iraq to reconsider its 5/9 rejection of proposal to allow UN troops to protect Kurds in northern Iraq, allowing early withdrawal of American and allied troops from the area [WP, NYT, LAT 5/11].

UN announces the formal withdrawal of all allied military forces from southern Iraq and the establishment of a demilitarized zone inside the 6-mile buffer space separating Iraq and Kuwait [WP 5/11].

In rare move, Israeli Army cancels order to demolish house of Palestinian who was dead at the time the military decided to punish him [NYT 5/11].