Saturday, December 1, 1990

Iraq's Revolutionary Command Council agrees to Bush-Aziz and Saddam-Baker meetings intended to avert war; U.S. admin. officials rebuff Iraqi suggestion that talks deal also with Palestine question [NYT, WP 12/2; BDS 12/1, PAT 12/2 in FBIS 12/3; MEM 12/3; MET 12/11].

Israeli air force planes bomb Palestinian Popular Struggle Front base in S. Lebanon, wounding at least 5 people [NYT 12/2; BDS 12/1 in FBIS 12/3; JDS 12/1 in FBIS 12/4].

Egypt, PLO, and Gulf states welcome Pres. Bush's overture toward Iraq, PLO's Yasir Abd Rabbo calls it "a step in the right direction" [MENA 12/1, WAKH, RTS 12/2 in FBIS 12/3; NYT 12/2; MEM 12/3].

Israeli police shoot dead middle-aged Palestinian woman after she tries to stab Jerusalem policeman; policeman is not hurt [NYT 12/2].

Def. Sec. Richard Cheney signs order raising to 189,250 the maximum number of military reservists who can be ordered to active duty in Gulf; previous limit was 125,000 [NYT, LAT 12/4].

129th Israeli reservist is jailed for refusing to serve in o.t. [JPD 12/2 in FBIS 12/3].

In Boston, estimated 8,000 to 10,000 people protest against U.S. military involvement in Gulf [MEM 12/3].