Friday, February 15, 1991

Iraq says it will abide by UN resolution calling for Iraq's withdrawal from Kuwait but only if allies meet conditions including: withdraw of allied forces, withdrawal of Israel from o.t., payment of war reparations to Iraq, and removal of Sabah family from power in Kuwait. In Baghdad, civilians celebrate what they believe is end of war; Pres. Bush rejects offer as "a cruel hoax" [BADS 2/15 in FBIS 2/15; MEM 2/15; LAT, NYT, WP 2/16].

About 30,000 Algerians hold pro-Iraq march in Algiers; demonstrators attack UN office and offices of Italy's and Egypt's airlines [LAT 2/16; MEM 2/18].

Pres. Gorbachev sends letter to Pres. Bush, Pres. Mitterrand, P.M. Major, asking allies to hold off on ground offensive until talks scheduled early next week in Moscow with F.M. Aziz are completed [NYT, WT, WP 2/16].

In unusually blunt statement, White House criticizes Israeli ambassador Zalman Shoval for making public comments about U.S. economic aid to Israel. Shoval complained on 2/14 that U.S. had not moved forward on $400 million in loan guarantees and that Israel "had not received one cent in aid" from allies to compensate for missile damage." U.S. says comments are "outrageous and outside the bounds of acceptable behavior" [NYT, WP 2/16]. Fateh troops loyal to Yasir Arafat split into 2 rival camps in S. Lebanon and fight fierce battle leaving as many as 28 dead, and 42 injured [LAT, NYT, WP 2/16; MEM 2/18].