Thursday, May 10, 1984

Social/ Economic/ Political:

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Founding Gush Emunim member Rabbi Levinger summoned to Jerusalem police headquarters for questioning in connection with Jewish terror underground.

Arab World: Lebanon's multi-denominational cabinet meets for 1st time.

Other Countries: US House of Representatives passes (211-206) full aid package to Israel proposed in foreign aid authorization bill HR 5119. [See draft in JPS (Spring 1983) p.215-217.] Head of IDF Northern Command Maj. Gen. Drori [censured in Kahan Commission report for his role in Sabra & Shatila massacres], named senior fellow at Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC.

Military Action:

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israel security forces reveal some suspected Jewish terrorists arrested since 4/27/84 plotting bomb destruction of al-Haram al-Sharif (without damaging Wailing Wall).