Wednesday, September 12, 1990

2 U.S. Apache attack helicopters sold to Israel for $350 million each are met at air base by P.M. Shamir, who says U.S. is "obliged" to maintain Israel's military advantage over its Arab neighbors. Sale is part of deal that includes 16 additional Apaches, 60 F-16 fighter-bombers, 10 Sikorsky helicopters, and Stinger missiles [LAT 9/13].

Iran's "supreme leader" Ayatollah Khamenei declares jihad against U.S. forces in Saudi Arabia, calls American policy "greedy, bullying, and shameless"; denounces Saudis for inviting Americans in, he states: "a force that enters a country to defend it will grow to impose its will on the host and to humiliate it" [LAT, NYT, WT, WP, MEM 9/13].

PLO Exec. Committee releases statement in Tunis on Gulf situation, stressing linkage issue and regretting U.S. stance; Arafat meets with King Hussein on political solutions to Gulf crisis "within an Arab framework" [MEM 9/13].

In response to lawsuit brought by Israeli gov't, state supreme court in New York issues temporary order blocking U.S. publication of Victor Ostrosky and Claire Hoy's book By Way of Deception. A Devastating Insider's Portrait of the Mossad [NYT, WT, WP 9/13].

Pres. Asad, preparing for meeting with Sec. Baker on 9/14, says U.S. troops will leave Saudi Arabia when crisis is over: "The problem now is not the presence of foreign troops in the gulf. The problem is Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.... When it is over I am sure that all foreign troops will withdraw" [NYT, WT 9/13].

In Mecca, International Islamic Conference attended by 350 Islamic scholars from 80 countries ends after 3 days of heated debate; communique calls for Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait, finds foreign troop presence in Saudi Arabia legitimate under current circumstances but emphasizes that they must leave region as soon as Iraq withdraws; calls for creation of permanent Pan-Islamic force for future conflicts  [SPA 9/13 in FBIS 9/13; LAT, WP 9/14].

On tour of Middle East, Chrmn. of U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Colin Powell, arrives in Riyadh on 2-day visit to Gulf [WAKH 9/13, 9/14, SPA 9/13 in FBIS 9/14].

Speaking before European Parliament, Italian F.M. Andreotti says Gulf crisis could make more difficult a solution to Palestinian and Lebanese conflicts; he repeats EC's support for UN resolution demanding Israeli withdrawal from W. Bank and Gaza [MEM 9/13].

EC passes resolution 301 to 37 condemning Iraqi invasion, calling for withdrawal, but stating that only diplomatic solution can resolve crisis [MEM 9/13].