Wednesday, October 24, 1990

UN Sec. Council unanimously votes to condemn Israel for its refusal to cooperate with UN investigation of Haram al-Sharif shootings. Vote had been delayed 24 hours at request of U.S. to give Israel time to reconsider its refusal [NYT, LAT, WP, WT 10/25; text in MEM 10/25].

Congressional leaders say they will reserve the right to reconvene in the event U.S. goes to war in Gulf while Congress is in recess; provision in adjournment resolution will allow Congress to reconvene [NYT, WP 10/25].

Soviet envoy Primakov arrives in Cairo on 1st part of trip that will include Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iraq [MEM 10/24; NYT 10/25].

Los Angeles Times reports increased handgun sales in Jerusalem because of tension and violence there since Haram al-Sharif shootings [LAT 10/25].

Faisal Husayni is released from detention on bail after signing commitment not to participate in disturbances; Husayni was arrested on 10/8 on suspicion of inciting Palestinians during Haram al-Sharif incident [JDS 10/24 in FBIS 10/25; MEM 10/25].

Sentencing of 4 Givati Brigade soldiers convicted of beating death of Palestinian is postponed until 10/31 at request of defense attorney after Chief of Staff Dan Shomron suggests soldiers accused of committing offenses at the beginning of intifada not be tried (cf. 10/31) [MEM 10/25].

King Fahd orders an end to further conciliatory-sounding remarks to Iraq, like those made on 10/21 by D.M. Prince Sultan [NYT 10/27].

Saudi Arabia says it will not resume oil sales to Jordan unless Jordan pays disputed 5-year-old debt of $40 million [MEM 10/25].