Wednesday, March 9, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: P.M. Shamir blocks inner cabinet vote on U.S. peace plan, suggests willingness to hold early elections [WP, NYT 3/10]. Speaking before members of Likud Bloc, Shamir vows to fight U.S. peace proposals [LAT 3/10]. General strike called by Unified National Command of the Uprising is observed in occupied territories [LAT 3/10]. Elderly Palestinian wounded 1/29 dies in hospital [FI 3/13].

Other Countries: Sec. of State Shultz calls on Congress not to pressure Israel publicly regarding new U.S. peace proposal [WP 3/10]. EEC defeats 3 trade protocols reducing tariffs on Israeli imports to EEC countries [FJ 3/13].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Hebron, Jewish settlers fire guns and vandalize Palestinian cars after Palestinian demonstration: Israeli troops intervene; 3 Palestinians are wounded by gunfire [WP, NYT 3/11]. In at least 2 clashes with Palestinian demonstrators on W. Bank, Israeli troops use "graveler" to disperse crowds; graveler fires pebbles at high velocity [LAT 3/10]. In Ramallah-area village of Silwad, soldiers use live ammunition to disperse stone-throwing crowds, killing 1 demonstrator. Another Palestinian is shot, wounded during clash between Palestinians and settlers in village of Turmus Ayah; youth later dies in Ramallah Hospital. At least 9 others are wounded by army gunfire. Several Palestinians are reported detained after attempto stab soldier [NYT 3/10]. Palestinian is killed by army gunfire in Samu', south of Hebron [WP 3/10]. At least 9 are wounded in fierce clashes with Israeli troops in Balatah refugee camp. Several Palestinians are injured by soldiers dispersing demonstrators in Far'ah camp and Jab'a village, near Jenin and Nablus. Curfews continue in 'Arrub camp, Gaza's Beach, Burayj, and Khan Yunis camps, and W. Bank villages of Bani Na'im and Biddu; Qabatiyyah village remains under curfew after 25 days [FJ 3/13].